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EDUPLIUS is an NGO which aims to create stronger connections between adults and the world of enterprises by equipping them with necessary competences for taking a lead and planning and running own initiatives. NGO involves experienced staff who has been working in education for many years. Important focus of organisation is social inclusion in education.

Fundacja Active Kids

Our organisation aims at the empowerment of young people and adults by providing educational opportunities and supporting their initiatives for more democratic and prosperous society. We organise various educational activities and training for target groups of youth, adults, educators in the topics of communication, creativity, Human Rights Education, Non Formal Education.

Thalia Teatro

Our organisation is both a theatre and an educational institution. Theatre offers a unique experience of learning by playing for children, youth and adults. Besides that, we organise workshops for different target groups related to improvisation, storytelling, preparation and implementation of theatre performances and usage of non-verbal communication.  

How it Works


Our long-term initiative aims at equipping educators working with adults effective methodologies and approaches in teaching  English as one of the basic competences nowadays


To develop strategies to handle communications in English working with diverse groups of adult learners 


To develop English communication and non-verbal strategies to tackle cultural differences in order to facilitate understanding in international partnerships


To discover the opportunities of CLT in adult language learning and share good practices in this field

To discover the opportunities of teaching language through drama techniques 

To learn more about social inclusion in education 

To exchange best practices in relation to language teaching and lifelong learning


To provide participants with practical tools helpful in activation English language skills of learners


To provide information and vocabulary about mobility and Erasmus+ programmes as well as project management in order to create joint initiatives 

To support design communication and dissemination activities 

To facilitate the building of long-lasting partnerships among participants’ and NGOs for future collaboration

Our Activities

Our long-term project consists of 3 training courses, which aim to develop educators' competences in English language teaching to adults using various approaches. Every training has its own focus. 

TC 1 English


TC2 Non-Verbal


TC 3 Inclusion


The main aim of this training course is to enable educators working in the field of language learning with various groups of adults to embed basic principles, methodology and tools of communicative language teaching ( CLT) for efficient language learning and development of communication skills.

The main aim of this training course is to introduce drama methodology as a tool for improving communication skills in general and language teaching in particular when working with adults coming from diverse backgrounds (NEET, refugees, migrants, fewer opportunities)

The main aim of this training course is to introduce the concept of social inclusion in education and train participants in ensuring inclusion during their educational activities with various groups of adults as well as get familiar with CLIL approach in language learning.



"One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way."

Frank Smith
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