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Training Course 1


- to get familiar with the concepts of communicative language teaching as an approach both at conceptual and at practical level

- to learn about and practice in using task-based teaching methodology as one of the basic methodologies to serve the actual learning needs of participants

- to exchange good practices in working with diverse groups of adults in their local communities as well as reflect on the challenges educators face daily

- to reevaluate the role of communication in foreign language competence in the field of adult education

- to practice and to test different methods, tools and techniques

- to build competences in designing, implementing and evaluation of non-formal education language learning activity

- to understand principles of group learning through facilitation


- to understand how to give responsibility for the learning process and educational flow to learners

- to provide information and vocabulary about mobility and Erasmus+ programmes as well as project management in order to create joint initiatives in the topic of language teaching and lifelong learning

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