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Language is a key - third mobility in Šiauliai on inclusion and overcoming communicative barriers

Language is a key is a strategic partnership between ThaliaTeatro from Slovakia, FundacjaActiveKids from Poland, and Eduplius from Lithuania. This international project is supported by Erasmus+ and aimed at the development of the communicative skills of its participants using a variety of theatrical techniques, improvisation and non-verbal communication.

The third mobility as a part of this Erasmus+ project was held in the Lithuanian city of Šiauliai. This time, the mobility is focused not only on the English language in various communicative situations, but also on the different methods of inclusive education. The participants were involved in different activities that helped them develop patience and concentration. They were introduced to the modern concepts of understanding communication as a process of conveying thoughts and emotions through verbal and non–verbal instruments.

An important part of the third mobility of the Language is a key project has been, as usual, creativity. In the Šiauliai cultural center, the participants worked with images as products of a creative process: the tasks involved describing the pictures, making up sentences and stories, as well as describing emotions that the pictures evoked.

One of the main goals of the mobility was to introduce the importance of inclusion, integration, and collaboration. Working in groups was a helpful tool to get a practical grip of what these words mean. Joint activities included hanging out together: the participants visited notable places of Šiauliai, stayed in touch with the local nature, and tasted local cuisine. Everyone claimed that the project had fulfilled their expectations, revealed a lot about the hidden sides of their personalities, improved self-reflection and taught how to cooperate effectively and create relationships.

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