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Mistakes as the main tools for improving and implementing youth wisdom and experience

Have you ever felt that your world is collapsing and everything among you is getting darker and darker? Let's say that the shades of emptiness are covering all happiness in the entire world of yours and then what? Then nothing my friend cause you already lost. You may easily ask yourself why everything ended as it ended but even though this is not going to resolve the problems of yours. The negative impact of your losses and the consequences of not understanding the positive sides of learning from mistakes as well as being unaware of past destructive steps is devastating people's braveness. It is also called blindness and supreme ignorance, which undoubtedly does not help with progress and personal development. To make it clear, if you don't learn from your mistakes, the road of life will take you in the middle of nowhere. Shortly, you are killing not only your creativity and evolution but also you are more or less going into the black hole and that I can easily name vegetation.

When we are young and not experienced, how can we know that mistakes are the best tools for improving our skills and talents? Basically, we are not aware of this in the very beginning so how can we realized it and leave blind space of empty wisdom? Well, normally we have experienced mentors but the problem is that you can never tell who is the exact key to the right doors.

What I mean is that on the way you are going to meet many people and probably all of them are going to introduce themselves as the greatest experts. Of course, I am not saying that they have a lack of wisdom or knowledge but what I want you to understand is that everyone has a different vista of the world as well as your expectations may not meet with theirs. In order to get to the point, I would like to emphasize one significant point which will make everything as clear as dirty snow, they are not going to help you. It's not because they don't want to but it's because they don't know how to.

Going back to the past few centuries you may easily realize that history was always teaching us some valuable lessons but even though people were constantly doing the same mistakes. It's kind of like a carousel which is evidently not going to stop unless you do something about it. The explanation may not be easy at all but in the end, you will automatically see the transparent solution.

As I said before, people may think that with their knowledge they are able to sort out all of your problems and show you how you should manage your future life. The problem is that they just think that they can but unfortunately life is more complicated when it comes to such cases. Although we should not blame them cause they are not aware of our background, roods, life's condition, and expectations. Though, the most important thing is that they weren't even taught how to learn from their mistakes so if they don't know how to do it, how they can pass with this knowledge further? Accordingly to the issue, I feel like I am ought to highlight one simple and none-deceivable truth.

Most of our life mentors who are wearing patterns of parents, teachers and even bosses weren't taught to learn from the mistakes and that's why they picture mistakes as a life failure instead of life lessons. There is no doubt that you already have experience with being punished because of the mistake you did. Hell yes! Multiple times at school, work, or even in the family environment. Our society is treating mistakes as the worst enemy and the biggest threat but the point is that this threat is fulfilled with transparent experience and knowledge. Why transparent? Because people don't see it, but as we know people see what they want to see.

1. Rule of gaining a positive impact on our lives due to mistakes and failures.

Don't be afraid of making mistakes and be brave enough to feel uncomfortable. Feeling uncomfortable is something that we want to avoid but when we run away from such things then those things start to hunt us. We may easily find shelter in the comfort zone but do we really want to hide for the whole life instead of facing our deep demons? The Comfort zone is our Utopia but as we know Utopia doesn't last for long.

2. Correctness against ignorance.

Making mistakes is one thing but correcting them is something that we actually need. You may make a lot of mistakes and repeated them or you can make mistakes and take a serious lesson from them. The difference is that when you repeat the mistake several times it can become a habit of yours and believe me you are not aiming at this goal. But when you try to correct the random mistake as many times as you can then eventually you will be a masterpiece in this discipline. To be clear I am not only talking about disciplines but also about small habits or tasks. So don't ignore your mistakes! It can teach you a lot but first, you need to be eager to improve it. Lastly, please be aware that the first mistake is a mistake but a constant repeat is the conscious decision of yours.

3. Don't give up easily!

I know several people with straw enthusiasm. There is no even doubt that they are well motivated in the beginning but it's still far away from being successfully motivated. Shortly, they have a lack of stamina which is undoubtedly not helping with reaching life goals. But even though it doesn't mean that they can't change it. People can basically learn whatever they want but the point is to do that step by step. Rush and hurry is not a key to rusted doors. Imagine the gate that was locked for ages. Even if you manage to open it you may find it hard to get along with whatever is there and it's not because you just don't fit there but it's because the new circumstances may be strange for you. So how on the Earth can you manage the new situation and new common rules? Let me tell you something, it's not about adhering to the rules, it's about making constant progress. Even if the progress is not rapid and it shouldn't be, you may find it easy to practice your stamina every single. As I said before constant baby steps may be more effective than big ones done twice a week. So when it comes to learning how not to give up you should still be aware of practicing your stamina. One day you will eventually learn that straw enthusiasm is leading you in the middle of nowhere. Lastly, it should be noted down that all warriors begin with small victories. So promise me to take an action and fight for your life once again.

4. Leave the cage of the comfort zone.

As you may notice people tend to live in their comfort zones without any planes, desires and unusual needs but with this cozy feeling of being secure and protected. The good question is, isn't this a fragile illusion? Kind of it is caused as you may see there is no payoff if there is not an effort. Easily explaining, if you live in a comfort zone your life is much easier but unfortunately, it equals zero progress. Moreover, when there is zero progress there is no specific wisdom of such a random person who decided to live in the comfort zone.

Of course, this is not the end of the world for such a human but the point is this may be the end of definite progress. Going further I am ought to highlight that a human being without specific knowledge and experience is like an empty bottle, easy to x-ray cause it's transparent and useless because there is nothing inside. The exact meaning is that it's very easy to recognize that such a person never left a comfort zone and in addition, such a human can't use a lack of experience in future life. To make it easier to understand I will give you a crystal clear example that will clarify everything. You have a subject X and a subject Y. Subject X never left a comfort zone while subject Y did it several times. Due to staying in the comfort zone subject X never perceived a different ideology than the ideology common to his comfort zone while subject Y perceived various ideologies from outside. Moreover, subject X never experienced anything unusual and that's why his progress stopped. Meanwhile, subject Y gained both good and bad experience and so on wisdom common with pleasant and unpleasant situations. In the end, both subjects faced life problems but the results of chewing problems over were completely different. Subject X wasn't able to eliminate upcoming challenges while subject Y eventually resolved everything and blown the system out. Further, it needs to be noted down that subject X wasn't able to rely on its own experience and knowledge due to a lack of data. Besides, subject Y used all previous experience and gained knowledge as an effective lift on the way up. To summarise I feel like I have to emphasize that staying in the comfort zone it's not going to teach you anything valuable while going out of the system may give you not just knowledge but also priceless experience.

5. Be like a firefighter.

Don't be afraid of your own shadow. Being afraid it's a natural thing but being in progress also. Our human nature it's a complicated ''Molotov Cocktail''. It's a voluminous mix of emotions, dreams, projections, hormones and feelings. All of those factors may cause both damage and progress at the same time. Let's say that you are terrified due to surroundings, circumstances or someone's interaction. What's your natural reaction? You run or fight? Well, it depends on various chemic reactions happening at the same time in the body of yours but that's not what I want to tell you. What you need to know is why your body is choosing between attack and escape. That's a completely natural reaction which made us survivable. Going back to the past you may notice that we never were an easy-going species and probably we never will be but somehow we managed to survive centuries. Even though nowadays we are more into escaping than into fighting. Of course, I am not persuading people to fight against each other but definitely, I am convincing all of you to fight for your dreams! There is no doubt that it's much easier to give up and let our fear win but we need to ask ourselves, is it worth it? The answer is a big ''NO'' and I am not going to change my mind so please don't even mess with this truth. First of all, you need to accept that fear it's a natural thing. Second of all, you need to learn how to tame it. I may easily tell you that everyone feels fear before making a serious decision but this is not a good excuse to stop your progress. I believe that we are all enough strong to face all our demons and it doesn't matter how old or how experienced you are. The matter is your choice. Will you fight your fear before it eats you or will you let it to digest you?

More or less we are aware of available tools offered by a teacher called life but the point is to use it appropriately and wisely. So whenever you will have the opportunity to learn from your mistakes don't be afraid! There is no even doubt that such lessons are bound to bring fruitful effects. Be brave, be aware and use it cause you can never tell what a priceless lesson is waiting for you around the corner.

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